The Aquinas Newman Center and the Traditionalists

July 4, 2014 — 3 Comments

From what I saw and what others are saying, it was quite an operation at the Aquinas Newman Center this week when the former Dominican chapel, as it had evolved over 64 years, was re-made into a “traditional” church.

The Dominicans are gone, banned by the Archbishop effective Tuesday, and the views of parishioners on the changes were not solicited.

So there they were, the newly-appointed parish priests, seminarians receiving on-the-job training in authoritarianism, even the Archbishop, all marching in, tossing out what they found unacceptable, often just not fancy enough, whatever suited them — out with the old, in with the ancient.

Giddily redecorating their conquered prize, they were like Huns who had just taken the castle.

3 responses to The Aquinas Newman Center and the Traditionalists


    A Poem
    at the anc
    that cardinal’s hat
    that demeaning
    sermon – that sneaky
    sly backwards looking
    revisionist echo of
    oppressed peoples
    our worst fears are
    realized today at the
    anc –


    What God had joined together as the Newman Center Family and the Dominican Friars, the Archbishop has certainly put asunder.



    St. Mary Magdalene of Albuquerque to Welcome New Priest

    Albuquerque, NM 8/8/2014   This month St. Mary Magdalene Community
    will welcome Fr. Francis Quintana as part of its Pastoral Team. St
    Mary Magdalene Community is a member of the Ecumenical Catholic

    Fr. Quintana comes to Albuquerque from Tulsa, OK where he served as
    Associate Pastor and then Interim Pastor of St. Jerome Parish (ECC).
    He joins Fr. Mark & Rachel Sutton on the Pastoral Team in Albuquerque.
    On August 14, there will be an opportunity to meet Fr. Quintana at a
    welcoming reception with light refreshments will be held at the Center
    for Peace and Justice, 202 Harvard Dr/ Silver SE, at 7p.m. There will
    be a time given for information and to ask questions.

    The Ecumenical Catholic Communion is a modern movement of independent
    Catholic parishes organized in a manner regarding itself as “a
    communion of communities.” The ECC is international, with several
    parishes in the United States and Europe. There are several
    communities throughout the USA, South America, Europe, Asia, and
    Africa who are inquiring into the ECC.

    While not Roman Catholic, the bishops of the ECC are in valid
    apostolic succession, a key component of authority in Catholic
    practice. The ECC maintains core Catholic theology and dogma, and
    celebrates the seven Catholic sacraments. However, the ECC takes a
    contemporary approach to matters of church structure, life and

    Lay people have equal voice with the clergy and bishops in governing.
    Pastors are selected by local communities, not appointed by a Bishop.
    Bishops are elected by the laity and the clergy, not appointed by an
    outside authority. Bishops have term limits.

    Additionally, the informed conscience takes precedence over outwardly
    imposed norms. An appeal to Scripture and tradition are part of that
    moral deliberation.

    The divorced are not barred from the Holy Eucharist. The process of
    annulments is not imposed. Contraception is a private matter of
    conscience. Both men and women are admitted to the ordained ministry,
    with celibacy being optional. Members of the LGBTQ community are
    warmly welcomed and affirmed, marriage equality is endorsed, as well
    as being welcome to pursue ordination.
    St. Mary Magdalene Community, a Mission of the Arizona/New Mexico
    Vicariate of ECC, has been in the Albuquerque area for the past two
    years. They meet every Saturday at 5 pm, in the Chapel at 2801 Lomas
    Blvd. NE (Lomas Blvd and Vassar Dr).

    For more information please contact Fr. Mark Sutton   505-345-3677 .

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